JoJo Fletcher is the runner up in last year's round robin marriage tournament. Apparently, Bachelor Ben Higgins told her AND another girl that he loved them, and then pulled a fast one on her and picked the other one. Some facts that disappoint me about her initially:

  • She is not, in fact, the teen singer JoJo who sang the song Leave (Get Out). If she had been, this would have been way more exciting, because she could have sang the hit song and it would have still sounded completely valid 12 years later. Also? That song is still catchy. Good for you, "Not The Bachelorette" JoJo. You are somehow still relevant. You did it. 

That's actually the only fact I had that was disappointing, I just thought it was fun to make a bullet list, because it always is and makes it seem like you have something to say when you usually, in fact, do not. 

Apparently she is not the only person in her family interested in finding love solely through television, as her brother was on some show called Ready For Love, so this family apparently thrives on meeting the loves of their life on reality television, which no doubt makes their parents pretty proud. 

Everyone really liked JoJo and was really pissed that Ben didn't pick her, so this season is exciting because if she's a bitch in any way, no one will hold it against her because she's already been embarrassed nationally on television and this is something that seems to really irk America. 

Under best quotes, her main one is, "To be honest I don’t read a ton of books. I more read articles" which sounds less like a "best quote" and more like "something you should probably never say out loud, ever."

She owns a realty company named JHF Realty, which are her initials, so the good news is we already know she's super creative.